Designer Dog Foods

With grain-free, chicken-free and vitamin rich food, Designer Dog Foods are designed with love. 


Designer Dog Foods is dedicated to creating food perfect for your pet, with every bag packed full of delicious ingredients, chosen specifically to give your dog exactly what it needs. 


It's common sense that doodles have their own nutritional needs & breed problems, so why shouldn't they have their own food too! At Designer Dog Foods, we focus on breed specific problems such as allergies & intolerances, as well as supporting the ear, skin, coat and joint health of your dog. All the while providing for those fussy eaters!


Automate Delivery of Your Dog's Favourite Food

Save time and energy by signing up to our free delivery service. We can deliver your dog's favourite products to you anywhere in the UK. You no longer need to worry about running low on dog food because we've got you covered. You'll receive whatever food you choose at an interval of your choice directly to your home. 


This simple and easy service gives you one less thing to think about. 

Free Delivery

Never carry heavy bags of dog food from your car again. We will deliver straight to your door, free of charge. 


      Having everything brought to you saves you time, energy and money. You'll never have to quickly run to the shops for dog food again. 

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